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  • 5 Sep 2024 - 12 Sep 2024
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North West - Cheshire


Quiet house, 1 min walk to the bus stop, with buses every 10 mins into the city centre.

Watching a lurcher. He is a rescue dog, when he came to me he wasn't like any dog I've ever had. He was really aggressive and terrified of everything. If I would go near him, he would just freeze. Now he's just a normal dog but he can be a bit wary of people and boisterous. The rescue he came from is all women, I've only ever seen him show aggression towards men and I'm a man but tbh, the people who mistreated him were probably men. Hes never shown any aggression towards kids either but he doesn't like them getting in his space and I would never leave him with a kid alone. I think it's probably best for an older couple with no kids.

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