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Natural born animal lover

51, Digital Engagement Specialist

Hi, my name is Zoey, I am from Austria, and a full-time house sitter since August 2017. Fortunately, I can describe myself as a "natural-born animal lover", since everybody in my little family has a dog.

I came to England in 2015 and 2 years later I got the "travel bug" because I started travelling on a regular basis, I loved it and I still do.

Now, I have a really cool online job, I absolutely love it and in order to this, I thought house sitting might be the best way to see as much as possible from this beautiful country.

When I can do dog or cat sitting (or any other kind of animals) this is a bonus for me - to be in the company of an animal is the only thing that I love even more than travelling.

Important facts about me that you might want to know:
These are the most common questions I always get, so I thought I make it easy for you to decide if I am the right person to look after your baby.

I am a digital nomad and an extreme minimalist. That means, I only own a backpack (and a bag) with all of my worldly possessions.

Literally there, where my backpack lives - so no, I don't have a home base.

Normally, I am very well organized, so I am booked up far in advance. Of course, there could be a day or two (or more) when I don't have a HS. In these cases, I am staying in Hotels, Hostels, Airbnb... whatever suits best at the time.

I'd say probably not. I am doing HS everywhere in the country, that would be really inconvenient and expensive for me. Of course, when I am in the area and a meeting fits in our both schedule - why not?

I am mostly in England, I've also been in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Spain.

With public transport, I don't have a car, but I do have a driving licence. (I have also worked as a Taxi Driver in Austria)

I have an online job where I can use my German language skills.

No, I don't - but I wouldn't say no to a tip.
Please contact me for my PayPal address.


Mostly fruits and vegetables or vegan stuff - well, I am cheating sometimes with chocolate, so I am not 100% vegan.

That's OK by me. I have no problem to touch meat and prepare it, meat for an animal is a different thing for me, that means I have no issue with that.

Yes, there is! I absolutely love to share my bed with your cat or dog. I don't care about the size or the breed. As long as the dog/cat is comfortable with me - I am good.

I do. I had already diabetic cats (so I am OK with the fact that they need injections) as well with a 3 legged cat.

1) the most obvious: please have enough food in the house for your cat / dog. (I had once a HS where I needed to ask the daughter every 3 days for normal cat food!)

2) if you DEMAND that I need to take a taxi, please pay for it. I don't charge for my services, there are no fees for you, so I guess it's only fair when you let me at least be in charge of my own money. (I had once a HS where I was told that I HAD to take a taxi. When I arrived, there were 2 cars in front of the house, I got no tip and I also had to pay myself for the taxi which I wouldn't have taken in the first place.)

3) you can expect that I take great care of your sweetheart. I am really good and patient with animals - but please don't expect me to look after a person. If needed, I can go shopping or do small household things, but if you want me to replace you as a caretaker for a human, unfortunately, I am not the right person. (Yes, I am also talking from experience here, it wasn't part of the deal, and it was really unpleasant for me.)

4) please, only book my services when you really need a person who take care of your animals because you are going away. I am not interested - at all - to live with other people. If there are other people, please let me know in advance, so I can decide myself whether this HS is for me. (I had a great HS once where other people lived in the house, but I really don't like to be forced to stay with my host for 13 days until he finally left - and don't tell me in advance)

If you are interested in my services (and I am as well) and we're already in contact via WhatsApp, please CONFIRM your booking in here. (on the website)

This is a win-win for both of us!

If you're - for any reason - unsure, or you changed your mind or plans, that's completely fine by me, but I see the confirmation as an engagement ring - until I don't have that, we're both free to make other arrangements.

Yap, I guess that's it. I believe very much in communication and agreements in advance. So if there is anything that you'd like to know - now or at any other time, please don't hesitate to ask.

Reviews (43)
This was our 1st time using house sitters and I was a little nervous as to how it would go.However I didn’t need to be as Zoey made us feel at ease and my dogs took to her straight away . Leaving 2 elderly dogs one with anxiety was a little daunting but they were so happy Zoey kept us updated and sent pics and videos which was extra reassuring . Upon returning home the dogs didn’t even hear us come in and were not as excited as we thought because they were cuddled up with Zoey . They had a ... MORE
LYNDA (Hartlepool England, May 2023 - 5 days)
Zoey was a fabulous housesitter. She brought treats for Prince and sent us daily messages updating on how they were going. She left the house immaculate and our cat was very relaxed, he'd obviously been well looked after! Highly recommend
VICKY (Hawick Scotland, May 2024 - 1 week)
Zoey was a fantastic sitter, our 2 Yorkies were so comfortable with her. Her communication was great and she sent photos daily.
ALLISON (Sevenoaks England, Apr 2024 - 1 week)
Zoey was fantastic with our dog Tyson and was great in keeping communication open while we were abroad. Tyson was well looked after .Thank you Zoey
MAJA (W105JB , Mar 2024 - 3 nights)
I left my two cats (and plants) in the good care of Zoe. Communication was great, and she was amazing with them. She spoiled them with cuddles and care, and get my shy Calcifer to get comfortable with her. Zoe is a really great person! Thanks again ^^
ARNAUD (London England, Mar 2024 - 1 week)
Zoey is an excellent house sitter and we would recommend her to anyone, but particularly those with cats. Our cats took to her immediately and she enjoyed playing with them and giving them treats. We received photos and updates most days. The house was left in good condition. She was also kind enough to make sure there was milk in the fridge for our children when we got home.
OLIVIA (London England, Jan 2024 - 1 week 2 nights)
Zoe did a wonderful job. She is obviously a true animal lover, and was planning the treats she wanted to give the cats long before arrival. She spent days plying them with cat pudding and pate, and gave them catnip at xmas. In fact, the surprise present of a video of them enjoying their catnip was a highlight of my Christmas. The cats obviously had a great time with Zoe, and she was so communicative, funny, and full of enthusiasm and ideas that I never worried for a moment about them or the ... MORE
PENELOPE (Pontypridd Wales, Dec 2023 - 4 weeks)
Zoey was a lovely lady, very friendly and the animals took to her immediately. She looked after my home well whilst I was away and the animals seemed very content when I returned. I had some updates on text from her too which was great to see them out enjoying the outdoors too. many thanks lionel
LIONEL (Bognor Regis England, Nov 2023 - 4 nights)
Zoey is a lovely and bubbly lady who is cat mad so fitted in well in my place! Bailey took to her straight away and he didn’t even tell me off when I got back so definitely a good sign that he was happy with her care. She communicated regular updates with photos, kept my flat tidy and my houseplants alive. I have already booked her for my next trip away in June so looking forward to seeing her again then. I would definitely recommend her!
PIROSKA (London England, Apr 2023 - 2 weeks 2 days)
Zoey was a wonder house sitter. She looked after and loved our dog Zach and left the house beautifully clean and tidy. We would thoroughly recommend her for housesitting.,
JULIET (Bath England, Apr 2023 - 1 week)
Zoey - the passionate cat-woman! Zoey was extremely reliable, great at keeping in touch and her 'super power' was definitely giving my cats more love and attention than I could ever do! She was very committed to their care which made me totally relaxed while volunteering in Ukraine. I recommend her totally - thank you Zoey!
PAULA (Alverstoke England, Mar 2023 - 3 weeks)
Such a great experience having Zoey house sit for a week. We spoke before the sit and she kept me up to date with lots of messages and pictures whilst I was away - exactly what i need when im away from my cats! Got back to a well looked after home and two very happy cats - wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone else!
HANNAH (Bath England, Mar 2023 - 1 week 1 day)
I couldn't have asked for a better house/pet sitter! Zoey was booked early on in the year so we had some contact throughout the year, mainly me making sure all was still going ahead! When she came, she was friendly and positive and really put my mind at rest as I hadn't done this before. Zoey obviously loves animals so I was in no doubt my 4 cats and 2 rabbits would be well cared for. She continually kept me updated as I had asked to be and she communicated well and sent lots of pictures! My ... MORE
JENNI (Highworth England, Dec 2022 - 4 weeks)
Zoe was a real find, and we were very happy when she came and looked after our cat and house. We had to change the original booking from last October to August 25th till September 6th, 2023. You can tell she adores animals and our cat got rather spoilt with all the attention lavished on him. She kept us UpToDate with pictures and little videos and we never worried. She also developed a clever solution to trick our fussy, old cat in eating his new pills. She grappled heroically with watering ... MORE
JOHN AND BEATRICE (Hedge End Southampton England, Oct 2022 - 10 days)
I'd absolutely love to do another house sitting again. Jack (the cat) is a little sweetheart, Beatrice and John super nice and the house is really beautiful. It was a pleasure to stay there and spend my time with Jack. The area is very quiet, and I slept like a baby. Beatrice was also very kind and ... MORE
Zoey is an excellent cat sitter and is now newly qualified to look after chickens! She was attentive to my animal needs and even bought them some special treats. For me I had no worries whilst I was away as I knew my pets were in capable hands. Zoey's communication was brilliant all round from arranging the house sit, to photos and updates whilst away. I would definitely invite Zoey back to house sit again.
RUTH (Ta3 , Mar 2022 - 1 week 6 days)
Having never used a house sitter, I was somewhat nervous and apprehensive about having someone in to stay and look after Morris but, as soon as Zoey contacted me, I knew she was the person for the job!! It was obvious from the outset that she would take excellent care of Morris, her love for animals is undeniable. I received regular updates and pictures while we were away and I would most definitely recommend Zoey and ask her to come and stay in the future. On our return, the house was in ... MORE
JACQUELINE (Godmanchester England, Mar 2022 - 1 week 5 days)
We are so happy to have found Zoey at our first attempt at using a pet sitter and will be using her for all future trips away. Two more sits are already booked in. She looked after our rather aloof cat so well and was quick to contact us when he had a bit of a scrap and came home with an injured ear. Zoey even went as far as ordering some cat antiseptic for him without any prompting. The house was well cared for too. Zoey''s communication skills are excellent, we get prompt replies and many ... MORE
LOUISE (Launceston England, Jan 2022 - 5 weeks)
Using this site for the first time is quite a nervous experience but Zoey was perfect. We spoke numerous times and had a video chat before the sit. Zoey was always available at the agreed time and her love for animals was so obvious. We didn't meet prior to the sit but the hand over was reassuring. Our two cats took to her straight away (even our timid little one). We felt confident our cats would be in good hands and Zoey kept us posted throughout her stay. We would highly recommend Zoey to ... MORE
RAYMOND (Saddington , Dec 2021 - 6 days)
Zoey was a pleasure to deal with, arrived exactly when she said she would and took great care of my cat, Spangle while I was away. She was incredibly respectful of my space and left my flat immaculate. I would definitely ask her to pet sit again!
CAT (London England, Oct 2021 - 4 days)
Hi, Zoey was extremely reliable. She showed up in time for a pre-meet and was responsive on communication. Our dog was loved and looked after, the house cared for. Have zero complaints.
CICELY (London England, Aug 2021 - 3 weeks)
A blast! Highly recommended by me and my two cats!!! I had an urgent need for a house sitter and Zoey answered very quickly. The communication was great from the start. She came just before I left so she could understand the special needs one of my cats has: He is diabetic and requires insuline injections everyday. Well, this was Zoey's first time and she nailed it! More than that, she developped a special relashionship with my fury friends, cared and loved them in my absence. She did a ... MORE
STEPHANE (Haywards Heath England, Jun 2021 - 2 weeks 1 day)
Zoey is a star - she won over our shy, cheeky boy, kept us updated and sent regular photos which made us smile & put our minds at rest during our holiday. The house was well maintained and we were welcomed with a tasty meal for our return, which was much appreciated after a long journey. We'd definitely book her again if she is available. Thanks Zoey, for making our holiday even more relaxing �
CLAIRE (Bristol England, May 2021 - 2 weeks 4 days)
Due to various circumstances, I didn't get to meet Zoey. However, she is a very good communicator and comes across as a very friendly and considerate sitter. I know Jasper was very well looked after, and Zoey kept me informed whilst I was away. I came back to a house that had been very well looked after. Many thanks!
ALLAN (Weymouth England, Nov 2019)
This was our first time using a house/pet sitter and we could not have picked a nicer person. Zoey was immediately accepted by Suzie our yorkie/russel cross and enjoyed the long walks Zoey took her on 2 or 3 times every day while we were away. The house was tidy and clean on our return and we are so pleased with Zoey we have already booked her for 2 more sits in 2020 and will definitely plan our trips away when Zoey is available so as to be sure we can use her. Thankyou Zoey for a wonderful ... MORE
JIM (Bristol England, Sep 2019 - 8 weeks)
We couldn't have had a nicer sitter for our 2 cats Stan and Ollie. We would absolutely recommend Zoey to look after your home and pets, We arrived home to two laid back relaxed cats who miss Zoey already and a very clean and tidy home, Zoey kept us up to date with things at home which was reassuring and it was a pleasure to have met her and will certainly use her again. Zoey we miss you from Stan and Ollie!
VAL (Whaley Bridge England, Jun 2019 - 14 days)
Zoey is an amazing housesitter and I cannot recommend her enough. She's a very thoughtful person and while my fearful rescue cat and rescue guinea pigs must have been a bit boring to sit, she did an impeccable job looking after them. When we got back, the pets were like we'd never left, the home was spotlessly clean, and we also had a delicious vegan meal waiting for us! It was so good I asked for the recipe and have already made it since. She was full of lovely, considerate gestures like that.
ANDREA (Hyde England, May 2019 - 1 week)
Thanks so much Zoey, for being a great sitter! Zoey's communication was fantastic from the start. We knew where we stood, without the ambivilance that can sometimes happen with sitters. Zoey knew she could do the sit and said this right away. Zoey evidently loves animals, showing such regard and care for them. She told us sweet stories about pets at previous sits, which gave peace of mind but also insight into what a lovely, warm person Zoey is. Zoey instantly went to our cats, to ... MORE
AMANDA (Wallsend England, Mar 2019 - 1 week 4 days)
No rating Zoey is amazing in every way! From the first moment we met her we knew she was someone special. She looked after our three cats and two tortoises with such care and devotion - our month away was so relaxing knowing our beloved pets were safe with Zoey. Due to some unforseen issues, zoey was incredibly flexible and accommodating with us and went out of her way to fit in with our revised plans. They cottage was clean as a whistle when we returned and all our legs were happy healthy and fat!!! ... MORE
ELIZABETH (Kirkcudbright , Sep 2018)
No rating Zoey is an amazing young lady! She is undoubtably a natural born animal lover. She has looked after our two little dogs with total devotion and they are completely relaxed and happy on our return home. Thank you so much, Zoey!
LIZ (Tamworth England, Aug 2018 - 1 week)
No rating Zoey looked after our three animals and our house very well from June 30th until July 14th.Zoey was very kind to the three animals.
C SHELLEY (London England, Jun 2018 - 2 weeks)
No rating Zoey is extremely kind, loving to our two dogs and totally trustworthy. While we were away, we had every confidence or house would be in safe hands. We would not think twice about inviting her to house sit again.
FRANK AND BEVERLEY (Canterbury , Jun 2018)
No rating Zoey housesat for us during 2 weeks in June, and took care of our 2 cats and one old dog. She's very nice, and very reliable. We had news from her every few days, and everything went well. We came back home to happy pets! Thanks again!
CHARLENE (Folkestone , Jun 2018)
No rating Zoey came to dog sit for us from 15th to 30th May. She was fantastic with our dogs they had lots of fun walks love and especially lots of cuddles. She was very respectful of our home and kept us updated with pictures and messages while we were away. We couldnt of asked for anyone better to look after our dogs we will definatly be asking Zoey to come back next year.
KATIE (Dorking England, May 2018 - 2 weeks 1 day)
No rating It was a real pleasure to have Zoey house sit and take care of my cat Muppet. I can't recommend her highly enough. She's absolutely lovely, wonderful to deal with, trustworthy, reliable and conscientious. The house was clean, tidy and well looked after when I came home and Muppet had obviously been given huge amounts of love and affection, a very happy, contented cat! Thank you again so much.
SAMANTHA (Shrewsbury England, Apr 2018 - 1 week)
No rating Zoey is a true animal sitter sticking to exact routine as requested she has a natural connection to furry people! My dog a very sensitive one loved her to bits. Zoey comes highly recommended and please do not hesitate to telephone if you wish to ask any questions. I hope Zoey is free when I need her next 01304 621679
ALISON (Sandwich England, Jan 2018 - 4 weeks)
No rating We left Zoey with two happy dogs, but came back to happier dogs. Really well looked after, shiny coats, and had a lot of love. Would have no hesitation in recommending Zoey to anyone who wants to leave their animal(s) in Zoey's care.
JOHN (Macclesfield England, Dec 2017 - 1week 3 days)
No rating Happy to endorse Zoey. Refreshing to have someone who doesn't mind fitting in with others and enjoys her animal friends. Ben was happy and I'm sure he'll be pleased to see Zoey again at the end of February for more hugs and fun!
MARGARET (Pinhoe England, Nov 2017 - 5 days)
No rating Myself and partner can't speak highly enough of Zoey. She was lovely to have around the day before we left and the day we arrived back from our holiday. Our 2 Ragdoll cats were so well looked after. They were relaxed and calm on our return, immaculately groomed and very happy in Zoeys company. Zoey also looked after 4 chickens wonderfully. Her calm nature and respect was apparent. She looked after our home and belongings so well. We can't recommend Zoey enough, and anyone's animals will be very ... MORE
CLAIRE (Faringdon , Oct 2017)
No rating Zoey is a very pleasant and friendly lady who recently took great care of our cats Rosie and Sammie. We arrived home to a clean and tidy house and two very happy cats. Would definately recommend Zoey as a pet and house sitter.
JEFF (Caerphilly Wales, Sep 2017 - 3 weeks)
No rating Zoey house and dog sat in our home in the southeast of England for about 10 days in September, 2017. She impressed us with her great love of animals and how well she took care of our Border Collie. Our dog adored her and was happy and healthy when we returned from our holiday. I would happily use Zoey again to take care of our fur baby!
PHYLLIS (Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent England, Sep 2017 - 1 week 4 days)
No rating Zoey Michael was our house sitter between 3 -12 September 2017 Prior to arrival and during the ‘sit’, communication with Zoey was great. We felt confident that any issues would and could be addressed easily. During her stay, Zoey looked after both our houses, from which we rent 5 bedrooms out through AirBnB. The feedback we received from guests was incredibly positive – stating how clean the place was, how friendly Zoey was and how she even put chocolates in their rooms as a welcome gift. ... MORE
LOUISE & KONRAD (Liverpool U.K., Sep 2017)
No rating Zoey came and house sat for a week at the end of August. We have 2 working Cocker Spaniels, a Jack Russell, a fish and two rabbits. All were looked after superbly. Zoey loved the animals and cared very well for them all. The dogs were walked everyday and we're endlessly cuddled. We also came back to a clean house. Thanks Zoey, they are all missing you.
SAMANTHA (Cirencester England, Aug 2017 - 1 week 4 days)
No rating Zoey housesat for us for a week in November. Whilst we were away we had total peace of mind that our dogs and horses would be well looked after. We had good communication with Zoey throughout our holiday and she kindly sent us some pictures too. The dogs were very well exercised and even were taught a few new tricks! The horses were spoiled too. We would have no problem recommending Zoey for a house sit.
KELLY (Newtownstewart Northern Ireland, Aug 2017 - 1 week 6 days)
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