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  • 16 Mar 2019 - 19 Jul 2019* (*Approx)
  • 4 months
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  • Dogs
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  • Flat
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We need a house sitter

South Western Scotland - West Dunbartonshire


I have a small ground floor flat in Dumbarton and two older family dogs that need looking after while I am away for between 3-6 months. It is most likely to be approximately 4 months but could also be 6. I won't know until after the start date when the exact end date will be but you will have a uk based contact to get in touch with in case of emergencies and who can also update you about my return date. Rent and all bills excluding electricity will be covered directly with the relevant people/companies. Electricity is via a key and I am happy to transfer £10 per week to your bank account to contribute towards the electricity, anything over and above this would need to be covered by the sitter. All dog food will be provided and in the case of any emergencies relating to the dogs, the uk based contact can arrange for vet bills to be paid etc They are two much loved family dogs of 9 and 5, one is a staffie and one is a mix. They are both male and very chilled out. They have access to a communal back garden for quick toilet breaks (which needs picking up) and they will require a walk each day at whatever time suits you. They are happy with a 20 minute pavement walk or a longer walk. They will need to be kept on their leads at all times as this will just make both you and I feel happier about their safety. Both do return to me when off lead but this is something you would need to feel comfortable with. The flat is fairly small, comprising of living room with small kitchenette attached, bathroom with bath and bedroom. The dogs pretty much own the flat and wander wherever they please as it's quite a small place. There is no broadband as I use mobile data on my phone and no landline. Normal oven/hob/fridge/freezer/washing machine and tv included etc For the vast majority of the time I will uncontactable but I am happy to discuss this in person or beforehand with the sitter and as mentioned above, you will have a uk based contact for any emergencies. I live a quiet life with the dogs and they are happy for as many or as little cuddles and attention that you are happy to give them. They are best friends and very well behaved. I will attempt to clear the flat of as any many personal belongings as possible but will need to leave some items in the flat for my return. I would say that this housesit would best suit a single person who is perhaps retired or who doesn't mind a smaller setting. The block the flat is in is quiet with mostly retired tenants and working couples. The street is also quiet. It is less than 5 minutes to walk into Dumbarton town centre with all the normal facilities: bank, petrol garage, bakers, supermarket, gym, doctors etc The train station, Dumbarton Central, is a 2 minute walk away with fast regular trains into Glasgow. Dumbarton is nestled between Glasgow and Loch Lomond and is rich in history and Glasgow is on your doorstep, just some 20 minutes away by train. This is the first time I have done this as the last time I had to go away (in 2017) I was able to have someone look after the dogs at their house and left my flat empty, however that isn't an option this time and I would like to keep the dogs settled in their own home. As long as you love them, feed them, walk them and keep the flat secure then there are no other duties. They are used to being left for longer periods of time (up to around 8 hours) so daytrips and nights out are achievable, especially if they've had a good walk beforehand. They are quite strong on the lead so please be prepared for that, they aren't lap dog (even though they think they are). Council tax, tv licence, water and gas etc are covered and as I said I'm more than happy to contribute towards electricity by direct deposit into your bank account meaning your only cost would be food and adventures. I understand the uncertainty of the end date might not be ideal but I can assure you that either way you would get at least 8 weeks notice of the end date so they'll be no sudden end. Saturday 16th March is the start date but if you wanted to meet me or the dogs before then that would be absolutely fine. If you have any questions, please get in touch. I hope someone can help, it has all been quite unexpected and I am anxious to get the dog care arranged. Thank you.

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